Are You Ready To Meet God?

Dear Daniel, 

This will be the last letter I will write to you. I must walk away and give you time to think on everything.

I want to share with you something from when Jessica was young. 

Jessica and her friends were spending the night at one of the girls house. I got a phone call from Becky Kincaid letting me know Jessica was not where I thought. I was then told her and the girls went to her ex husbands home next to the Unidillia Store. 

I got ahold of a young girl that had went to the girls house, but went home instead of going to the young boys house. She happened to be a school teachers daughter, Mrs. Noel. She made her daughter get up out of bed and show her exactly where the house was. 

Now I was serving the LORD at this time, a youth Pastor and preaching. But that never negates your parental protection for your child. 

When I pulled in the driveway, and walked up to the house, the door was locked, I kicked it in. Then I began searching for my daughter. Three boys were in the living room playing on a computer they said they might be upstairs.  I went upstairs and flung open the bedroom door, John Wilson the father jumped out of bed butt naked and scared to death. I demanded he tell me where my daughter was. He did not have a clue.

I went back down stairs and heard sounds from behind a door. I threw that open only to see a wall of young boys lined up sitting. I had hit one with the door, ( Jamie Christie) and he was a little mouthy. I looked straight at him and said, “You little piss ant you better tell me where my daughter is”. He shut up and I was told tjey were in the basement.

I found those girls in the basement absolutely scared to death, why? Because they were caught in a LIE! Two of the girls wanted to get mouthy saying I was not their mom, so I told them to stay there. But they decided to go with me instead.

We all get in the truck, now Barb one of the mouthy girls got mouthy again. So, I slammed on the brakes everyone thankfully had seat belts on. Then I literally put that gas peddle to the floor, the girls screaming Jessica begging for me to stop. What did I do? You got it, I ssd stopped, slammed on the brakes and said, “Are you ready to meet God Jessica? “Are you ready to meet God.” Not that I was going to harm her physically by any means, but was her conscience clear before God? Was she without sin and ready to stand in judgment? She knew she was not.

What has come from that lesson Daniel? A few things?

Jessica learned to honor and respect me, understand that nothing is hid from God, has thanked me now that she is 33 for raising her in the ways of the LORD, she thanks me because if I would not have shown her how serious one lie is where would she be today? 

Jamie Christie the mouthy little boy? He is now a born again Christian and him and his wife are missionaries over seas.

My point? Daniel are you ready to meet God? Is your conscience clear? 

Like I said, I am now walking away. I have done all that is humanly possible in this matter.  

There is only One way His Name is Jesus. 

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