Find The LESSON In The Trial

Shared from Alisha ~ Redeemed Daughter ~
Sometimes we go through spiritual trials and start to lose focus of the bigger picture. We may lose our job, our car may stop being reliable, our child may become rebellious, us and our spouses may hit a rough patch, our health could be failing, and so forth. When we’re going through the storms of life we tend to naturally want to focus on the storm and pity ourselves.

But, dear, we have a God who is always in control. He says focus on Him when life gets tough too and not just when the seas are calm and everything is smooth sailing. Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture and God’s vision for your life. Lot’s wife looked back from God’s plan and instantly regretted it. Peter looked away from Jesus and began to immediately sink. So instead of you asking God today why is this happening to you, may you start asking God what is this teaching you. Recently, I’ve been having trouble with my vision to a point where I believe I’m going blind in one eye. I’ve had to ask God too what is it He’s trying to teach me in all of this and He did answer me.

Friend, our walk with God to me is like walking up a foggy staircase sometimes. There will be moments when all you can see is Jesus’ feet walking ahead of you. You just keep climbing and following Him and then when you get to a certain high point you finally start to see why you had to go through what you went through. Prayer and constantly talking to Him and getting to know Him through His Word also brings us better clarity. There’s a song I love by Casting Crowns that says if your eyes are on the storm you’ll wonder if God loves you still. But if your eyes are on the cross you’ll know that He has and He always will. Not a single tear is wasted. In time, you’ll understand. He’s painting beauty with the ashes. Your life is in His hands.

As a seed needs a little darkness in order to bloom. As flowers need a little rain to grow. Trust God to see you through this. Have faith that this storm is purposeful – because it is. God is doing a great work in you. Keep praising Him. Keep worshipping Him. Stay focused on Him and you’ll always have peace through the trials and hard times. There is a lesson to be learned. There is character to be built. And faith to be strengthened. ♡

“Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart, and lean not into your own understanding.”- Proverbs 3:5
~From the Redeemed Daughter Page ~ 

Sherry Lynn Szada-Olinger

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