Church Of Sardis

The church had a name, and a reputation for being alive;but that name and reputation were with the world.
Their name and reputation did not come from God. They were so busy doing things and trying to entertain and please the world that they forgot what the church is all about.
They had stopped doing their works and deeds for God. In all their activity they were too busy to notice that the church had died.
They were too busy trying to convince each other that they were “Spiritual” to notice that they were dead.
All the outward manifestations of the Spirit meant nothing. All the works and deeds meant nothing.
All the church activity was worthless. Why?It is because the church is really dead.
The church is going through the motions, but they are not measuring up to God’s standard of Holiness.
What looked alive and active to man was dead as far as God was concerned. They thought were very active for the Lord, but they were not intimate with the Lord.
God looks at the heart and judges our motives. He watches to see why we do what we do.
As you can see, this church is not what it appears to be.They probably had a form of godliness without any power.Perhaps people were getting healed, and losing their healing, because it was not from God.
Perhaps spiritual manifestations were occurring, but they were not from God.Perhaps the ice cream social was more important than the altar call.
I imagine that the preaching was no longer focused on God and repentance, but had become watered down into a social gospel.Perhaps a lot of people attended the church because the message did not offend them.
Perhaps (dare I use the word) sin was never mentioned.
The church may have had a good reputation in the city,BUT God was NOT impressed.

Sherry Lynn Szada-Olinger

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