WANTED: Parasite seeks new host country


Zionofascism Crippled

WANTED: Parasite seeks new host country.

Due to recent financial upheavals and several more
earth-shattering financial meltdowns to come upon
our present host, this parasite is looking for a well-heeled
and very easily manipulated nation to glom onto.
The host nation will need to have the following traits in order
to fully satisfy the unquenchable thirst and desires of
the parasite:

1. The country’s banking system MUST be in private
hands, like a federal reserve type of banking cartel.
For reasons not to be discussed here, this trait is
an absolute and no country will be considered
that has control of it’s own monetary supply.

2. The country MUST have a large and well financed
military, that is willing to send kids off to far away
lands, fighting wars for the parasite’s entertainment.
No questions will be allowed as to what the host
country’s kids are fighting these wars for…

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