Either It Is History The World Tells, Or HIStory Which Is The Truth, That You Believe.

Trump 'personally ordered Confederate statue of Albert Pike to be put back  up' after it was toppled | Daily Mail Online

Do you know who created the KKK? Which was just a name change from, “Knights of the Golden Circle”. Do you know who wrote the demonic “bible” of the Freemason’s, “Morals and Dogma”? Do you know whose statue was torn down, but ordered to be put back up by Trump? None other than ALBERT PIKE…

Albert Pike Memorial - Wikipedia

Oh, and Albert Pike was a convicted felon for treason no less. He was pardoned by Andrew Johnson who was “persuaded” by Freemasons that it would be in his best interest to do so. He did, and overnight Johnson became a 32 degree Freemason!

21st century illuminati part 1 | Vebuka.com

Also the Knights of the Golden Circles that changed their name to Ku Klux klan was the Masonic order Jesse James, yes, Jesse James the outlaw was a part of, who was a 33-degree Mason himself! Pike who was a confederate general ordered Jesse James to rob northern banks for monies for the civil war!

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And this Albert Pike is a “hero”? How? and who says so?

The President of the United States says so, Donald Trump! WAKE UP PEOPLE!! WAKE UP!

In Come the Masons
Really Cool Quotes - Page 78 - Toker's Den - International Cannagraphic  Magazine Forums

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