Stand Firm In Battle

Fight on the hidden battlefield — and WIN!  ⚔️ 📖 ✝️
1 Peter 4:7 But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.  🙏 🕊 ✝️
📖 Have you ever heard of the Valley of Elah? It’s the valley near Bet Shemesh where David defeated Goliath, yet this historic battlefield is virtually untouched in Israel.
During the rainy season, a brook runs through the midst of the valley, however, it dries up during the summer. This brook is very likely the one from which David chose his five smooth stones – one of which was used to kill Goliath. Yet, this historic place has no landmarks, no churches – people drive past it all the time unaware of it’s biblical or historic significance. 📖

🕊 The present “invisibility” of this battlefield causes me to reflect on the fact that David’s battle with Goliath was also won in an “invisible” place…the place of David’s faith. Isn’t it true, most of the battles we face are won or lost in the spiritual realm — on a hidden battlefield where we wage war in our prayer closets?
Spiritual victories in our prayer closets won’t necessarily result in monuments marking them, but those victories will be well remembered in Heaven, and will leave dynamic memorials of faith in our hearts!  ⚔️ 📖 ✝️
⚔️ 📖 ✝️ Is there a spiritual Goliath facing you today? If so, remember where the battlefield lies, hidden –
in your prayer life!  🙏 🕊 ✝️
Stand strong and firm in devoted prayer… 🙏 🕊 ✝️
and the victory will be won  🙌 🕊 ✝️
– fight on the spiritual battlefield, where the greatest victory of all, Jesus’s own triumph on the cross, has already prepared the way for yours!  🙌 🕊 ✝️

Sherry Lynn Szada-Olinger

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