Never Underestimate Praying Grandparents

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My Grandpa and Grandma

Yes, everyone have went through our own personal hell in life, mine is not worse than yours and yours is not worse than mine.

The difference in the things that we did, or things done to us, is how did we react or handle it.

I used to “pride” myself on how I did not hold hatred or even bitterness in my heart for the lady that ran over my babygirl that took her life too soon.

That very night after leaving my daughter in that cold hospital, lifeless, walking through my front yard full of reporters, I walked into my home and had a phone call.

It was the lady that ran her over, she wanted to tell me how sorry she was and if it was possible could she come to the funeral.
I told her yes, that it was an accident I did not blame her.

No one sets out to run a 2 year old almost 3 over and kill them. It was an accident.

For many, many years truthfully I thought it was because deep down I had a good heart. 😭

Lies we tell ourselves, lies that leads one to hell.

The only only reason I have not become a wicked, unforgiving, heartless, bitter, person has nothing to do with me having a “good heart”!

In Jeremiah we are told that our heart is deceitful above ALL THINGS and DESPERATELY wicked.

I did not have a good heart deep down and neither fo you.

I had a praying Grandpa that prayed for me at least 5 days a week as he sat under the tree waiting with me to get on my school bus in kindergarten. He would read his bible and pray for me and with me. I loved that man so much no one will know. I had a praying grandma that would feed me and when I was full not shame me to eat past my fill line. Lol

I had two very strong and devout believers in Christ that genuinely prayed over me and for me.

Yes my grandparents prayed for all of their children and grandchildren. I know that. But you see when someone is around you always your bond grows very strong. I was very close with them.

I used to go with my grandpa all the time way back in his garden and help him, unless it was raining. I say that because one day it rained, it stormed actually and lightening hit a tree falling across the path into the garden. My grandpa said, he was yelling for me to help him, he said Tamma Jean, Tamna Jean help me, but I did not hear him. I remember feeling so horrible in my little mind I could have protected him! He was fine not hurt just was teasing me, but that memory has never left me.

His prayers for me is what has kept my heart tender and quick to forgive. It has nothing to do with how great I am, but has everything to do with how GREAT GOD IS and how faithful He is and how He still continues to answer prayers, prayed, years after the person has left this world.

I have been very blessed to be born in the family I was born into. I am beyond blessed to have had a one on one relationship with my grandpa and grandma. Who were devout Christians that knew the power of prayer.

I am thankful that the LORD revealed this truth to me. I was far from a Christian when my daughter died, far beyond the capability of forgiving a person so quickly after accidentally taking her life.


Do I know God is real? More real to me than anything I can see, touch, or taste. I trust Him and I know when He speaks.

My pain, my past hurts?

They are many, more than anyone I personally know. But as I said my hurts never negate another ones hurts.

Wont compare with anyone that is foolish.

But all because of my praying grandparents I am still alive today, and serving the Most High God our Creator.

Power of prayer.

Everything that happenes here on earth, goes through His Hands first.

God is amazing, loving, wonderful, holy, and faithful. Worthy to be Praised!

Pamela JoyousNJesus McDonald

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