You Will Be Hated For My Word

The LORD told me about a month and a half ago that I will make enemies out of those who I thought were friends soon, because of His Word.

Does that make it easier when it happens, no, I am in absolute pain right now.

Tears are flowing.

I am hurting so deeply.

The Word of God is sharper than a double-edged sword, it hurts going in and it hurts going out.

Before I wrote about this, I had to take it in myself and make a resolve to the Truth I will be alone till the day I die, not easy to accept, but accept I do.

I have been given the revelation in the Word of God about marriage, divorce, and adultery. He told me to write it and not to take away, not to sugarcoat or water it down. He is holding me to my promise where I said, “here am I LORD send me, I will go.”

I have encountered great opposition, and was blocked for the truth just today, while a couple others ignored what the Word says and say I am saved and I am remarried and my ex is still alive but God understands! A god they created, because the God in the Bible states in Malachi I HATE DIVORCE!

Those opposing me act as if I have personally singled them out!


I had no idea!

Never, do I post with a person in mind that would be in the flesh and quite frankly wickedness and judgemental!

I post what the Father told me to do, and He is the ONE THAT PUTS IT IN THE EYES OF THOSE HE WANTS TO READ IT!

Conviction is not being judgemental it is the work of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God tells us what GOD SAYS! NOT SUGGESTS, BUT WHAT HE COMMANDS!

Yes, you can be forgiven for divorce and adultery, but just as Jesus told the woman who was caught in the very midst of adultery, “go and sin no more”. He tells us the same.

Pamela JoyousNJesus McDonald

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