You Shall Be Judged By The Word

When we get married what is it we say?

Wedding vows, right?

Those vows are spoken to each other, before witnesses, and in the presence OF GOD.

The last vow that is spoken is, “till death do us part”, and the groom and bride say, “I DO”.

Do you truly believe God will not hold us guiltless if we repeat these vows over and over to many spouses while the others are still alive?

Yes, we can be forgiven ABSOLUTELY but WE CANNOT CONTINUE IN ADULTERY after being forgiven.

Only death dissolves the marriage covenant and frees the survivor to remarry legally in God’s eyes.

If you are in a marriage of abuse, if your spouse commits adultery, if the spouse is a rapist or child molester, yes, you can divorce. BUT you are to remain single until that person dies!

Most did not involve God in their decision to marry who they married, to begin with. You cannot use their behavior as a means to twist God’s Word to suit our sin. It cannot be done.

We chose that person outside the will of God, but, God witnessed those marriage vows and will hold us to them.

Those vows regardless if you are a sinner or saint is a covenant, and God expects it to stay unbroken. But, if the spouse does those things mentioned above and for the well being of all involved God allows divorce, but still expects you to remain single, “till death do us part.”

The marriage covenant is so important to God because it is a picture of Jesus Christ our Bridegroom, and the Church His Bride.

Divorce was never in the picture for Christ and His Church, but because of the hardness of man’s heart the Father placed in there one stipulation and that is for the case of uncleanness/fornication. If the bride was proven not to be a virgin after married! No BLOOD was on the sheets.

That is the same with us spiritually if we are living in the world and doing the things of the world we are unclean and a fornicator the BLOOD IS MISSING!

I said it before and I say it again, I am a 5-time divorcee, I used to believe and accept what I was taught by others. Which was, oh you are fine you can remarry because of adultery. BUT the Word of God DOES NOT SAY THAT! So I have prayed since 2017 for God to show me the truth that I needed to know and understand. Finally, after years this month June 2020 He showed me in His Word totally unexpected and out of the blue.

I have been forgiven absolutely, but I am still bound to my very first husband in God’s eyes. Therefore I cannot marry again. It hurts deeply and many tears I have shed, but His Word says it and I accept it.

I cannot convince anyone of this truth, I have been questioned now by a few women who are either on the second or third marriage or their spouse is. They will not accept what the Word says, and that is between them and God, NOT ME!

So please you have a problem with what the Word of God teaches go to HIM! I am NOT JUDGING ANYONE! I DO NOT KNOW YOUR LIVES AND I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.

One person that wrote to me, the more they tried to justify themselves in their current marriage, the more they lied to me! Me knowing they were lying, God, knowing they were lying!

It is truthfully best anyone offended by this, you take this up with the LORD.

Pamela JoyousNJesus McDonald

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