Judgement Has Begun At The House Of God

Judgment HAS BEGUN at the house of God. The lies that have been taught and people have believed are being revealed through the Word of God by the Holy Spirit.

The falling away? The APOSTASY?

It is right now!

It has NOTHING to do with accepting or rejecting the “mark” it has EVERYTHING to do with REJECTING THE WRITTEN WORD OF GOD!

A lot of those sitting in the pews today that call themselves “Christian” will only adhere to what they want, they REFUSE to believe what the Bible says if it makes them uncomfortable!

It says that GOD, HIMSELF will send a strong delusion, to who?


The TRUTH is the WRITTEN WORD OF GOD! They want to believe what they “think,” it says, or what they have been “taught,” it says, but NOT WHAT IT ACTUALLY SAYS!

God has us on the threshing floor people and the chaff which is the SIN that we are unaware of is being broken off!

Are you an ear of wheat or a tare?

Take HEED people, that day shall not come unless there be a FALLING AWAY FIRST, then, and only THEN that man of sin will be revealed!

We are on the cusp of the man of sin being revealed AND right now the CHURCH IS BEING JUDGED!

God is revealing the TRUTH of many things right now, Trump’s deception, marriage, divorce, adultery, Zionist, the temple not being an earthly one built by man but it is US THOSE THAT ARE IN THE BODY OF CHRIST, The kingdom of God is in us not a visible kingdom coming and so much more.

Pamela JoyousNJesus McDonald

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