Love The Truth

Marriage and Divorce…God HATES DIVORCE…I do not believe in coincidences at all especially when it comes to the right now Word of God.

This has been the Word the LORD has placed on my heart and in my spirit to proclaim within the last couple of weeks.

He sent me to Jeremiah 26 and Isaiah 6 to read and understand. Regardless whether people accept the Word give it anyways and do not add to it or take away from it.

That was part of His message to me to understand in those two chapters.

Also in Isaiah, he said to the LORD, send me I will go. I cannot tell you how often I have said this to our Father. I meant it, then when the Word seemed a bit to hard or harsh to speak I faltered for a few to my shame.

The subject was very difficult and until 2 weeks ago I did not understand it myself. Since I returned to the LORD in 2017 I have struggled with the fact that I had been married 5 times. Four was by ministers of God, one was a justice of the peace. Each one ended in divorce for various reasons except 1.

The one that did not end in a divorce the minister gave me the marriage license that was signed in order to mail into the State of Michigan. After a month or so my husband started doing drugs again and not coming home, so I did not mail in the license I shredded it instead. Then I walked away from him. A few years later I married my 5th husband. Since then I divorced from him as well.

So I struggled DESPERATELY when I returned to the LORD. Though I was single by the world’s standards, was I till married in Gods eyes to the 4th husband? Do I need to write a letter of divorcment? I honestly did not know.

Many have given me their opinion but deep in me I was unconvinced. A few months ago I was feeling sorry for myself and so lonely. Wishing I had a companion to share my life with, to be held in hard times, to walk and in hand just talking about the LORD. Someone to confide in and honestly to have someone to teach me, or pray for me, love me as Christ loves the Church.

So I kept praying asking who Father in your eyes am I married too? Or am I? I started thinking I wasn’t because I was in sin when married and divorced?

God holds us to covenants made.

The LORD in His time answered my prayers prayed from 2017 they began and was answered 2 weeks ago in 2020.

The Word is clear, God HATES divorce. Whether I like it or not the husband of my youth is the husband God recognizes, the other 4 are adulterous affairs in His eyes. It does not matter what he had done, it does not matter the vileness he committed. I married him and the divorce was absolutely necessary but when that happened I was to NEVER REMARRY until he dies! That is the Pure Word of God.

This is why before you ever, ever get involved young person in a relationship pray, seek God ask Him to choose your mate!

This is the Word of God.

Elder Poonen, on the other hand, sounds to me at least, if you were married more than once out in sin and repent with true repentance while married to you the last spouse, the God will absolutely forgive, and accept that marriage. But he states you cannot be in any office if married more than once though. I believe it is important to search out both sides with the Word of God.

His reasoning is to believe you will not be considered an adulterer is the woman at the well, and the woman caught in the middle of adultery.

He also refers back to Joshua when Joshua made a covenant he should not have with the Gibeonites I believe. This is what he uses for not being allowed to be in any kind of spiritual work for the LORD but able to do what is considered the unimportant works.

I personally see in the story of the covenant Joshua made with the Gibeonites and how God would NOT let him break it, showing how God expects covenants never to be broken. Which includes marriage covenants. Joshua made that covenant without the LORD’s permission, just as we do when we get married. Yet, God still recognized it as a covenant and would not allow Joshua to break it.

I love Elder Poonen dearly and though I may not agree with him on this stance does not mean I am right and he is wrong or vice versa.

I am not out to condemn anyone, we need to know the truth though, and to examine our own self. It is not my intention to harm anyone or to condemn anyone.

This is what the LORD revealed to me, and I believe this is not for me only but for many others who have questioned their multiple marriages and divorces.

All I can say is search the Word of God and seek Him for answers.

I have encountered in my own life people who were married, divorced, and remarried.

I knew a couple who married that was going to Church together before marrying, but the woman was married to another. The woman divorced her husband and married her friend. Afterward, they started going back to Church, as a married couple afterward but, never being able to get close to the LORD. It was not until this one couple split up and living apart could the husband draw close to the LORD. The wife did not return to the LORD until after her first husband died she would always say she did not know if He would forgive her. He would and He did she died a day or so after repenting and Jesus was on her lips at her last breath!

Then another couple who were married for over 25 years, the wife found out that during those 25+ years the husband not only was married before but WAS STILL MARRIED! Throughout the marriage of this couple, the wife went to Church was saved but the husband tried many times to live a holy life after repenting. He would never last, a few months at best. No one understood why the wife was always oppressed and always sick. It was not until later in life, the LORD literally spoke to the wife and told her he was married and to ask him!!!! Sure enough, she did, and he was!!

Why the LORD waited all those years? I cannot answer, I do not know. After that, they parted ways. The wife did end up getting a divorce through the courts even though the marriage was not legal. The husband moved out of state, his first wife passed away and he was living with a new woman. The husband was planning on moving back to his home state to move in with his daughter, but, the LORD would not allow it for some reason only He knows. The husband died instantly in a horrible car accident. The wife went through many different kinds of emotions, ups, and downs. She did meet a man she was planning to marry, but, the LORD put a stop to that as well. The man died before they could marry. I believe his first wife was still alive at that time and God was not going to allow another adulterous relationship for the wife. The wife, though it took a few years, did become more healthy and drew closer to the LORD. The experience that she endured did humble her more than any of else will ever know. She did not know that her marriage was a lie, she did not wilfully commit adultery, but nonetheless, it was a sin and her body wracked havoc because of it. She has since gone to be with the LORD Jesus, and at her death, she was in right standing with the LORD.

Why share all this with you? To show you I am not condemning anyone, I have great mercy for everyone in this situation. I am a 5-time divorcee, the two accounts I shared was my sister’s story and my parents. This hits home very hard, this is not easy for me to come to terms with either. But I must love the TRUTH in order not to believe a lie. Even when the TRUTH CUTS SO DEEPLY.

Search the scriptures please! Go to the Father ask Him to show you, to open the truth up to you. But, be prepared for what He does reveal and be prepared to do what He says. If you are not willing to change your lifestyle then I honestly do not have any words accept live your life to the fullest.

I love you all so much, but the Father loves you beyond words.

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