This Is An Amazing Testimony

Daniella Oh

My comment have been deleted automatically. Something is deleting them. So i write in description box. This comment is to add for the testimony:

1. I cried at last. Yes i can really cry at lord’s grace and mercy. It is available to anyone. He can lead everyone into his arms and change anyone.
If you repent and believe him, your old flesh will die and his spirit will come to you. This means that your spirit will be renewed, born again.
You will, for the first time, experience the true love of God outside of religious duty and enter into a relationship with God.
Your life will be transformed and you will not be the same.
You cannot live the same. You will make mistakes and fall down some times but you will live a new life that knows the lord and love him and others by his grace for we do not generate love from ourselves but within his spirit living in us.

2. I have forgot to mention that he changed my family as well. My family came to Christ and now i tell my mother i love her. I tell my dad i love him.
They tell me they love me. My sister became my best friend in christ.
My brother is my precious one whom i know lord will use even though he struggles in somewhat ppoint.
My family is not yet perfect and still has problems but the lord can restore and build up and change anyone.
For my dear christian mothers who mourns over their children, do not give in and listen to the Lord.
If the Lord had such mercy and grace on unbelieving family like us, will he not listen to the groans of believing praying mothers?
Never give in and keep on praying. For our lord hears. God is our father.
For young people, with unbelieving parents, there will be time that you mess many things but the lord will turn out things to good. Keep praying for them and obey them.

3. I just want to adjust that i was not physically attracted to women but tried make them praise me and like me to be popular (that’s what i meant when i said i tried to make women love me) but i lusted with lesbianism and gay in media and porn. I also could not help but lust after women’s body. This kind of stories and talks would not have been able to be naturally accepted and talked out publicly 50 years ago. But as the time gets near to the end, we are exposed more to sexual immorality, especially to kids and it will increase. It is also hard for me to expose things in this way because i can see how our society became very depraved. God is so far from evil. Full of light and love. With right order and beauty. And brings that light and beauty that humanity lost through jesus christ. But let us hold on to our lord who will free us from all evil.
God bless you family. God is so so good and so kind and so loving and so merciful out of measure. There is no one like him.

And i really still recommend the book written by jeanne guyon – experiencing the depth of jesus christ
my prayer for all of us is that we love christ to death
Believing and following jesus brings persecution and suffering
We have to be aware and be ready for what we will suffer. We have to be aware of persecution or torments that we might go through for our lord. I know a brother who is suffering for the lord’s sake and sometimes i think if i can be in a same situation. Please let us be aware. It costs us but the lord will help us.
It might be harder than what we think but he will able us to stand
He will use the weak

The LORD has blessed me with her testimony!한국어는 한국어로 다음에 올리도록 하겠습니다 ㅎㅎ

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