Do Not Take Your Children For Granted

Days turns to months then into years but feels like yesterday.

Savannah Rose, 24 years since you went away;

Even though at times it feels like yesterday.

Your voice though faded I can faintly I recall;

But your beautiful face I can remember it all.

That day you cupped my face in your hands;

I did not know that you would be going to Beulah land.

Your last words you spoke to me, was “I love you mommy” with a smile.

One day I will see you again forever, and not just a little while.

Oh sunshine girl I miss you more than words can possibly say;

Still today my heart aches in such an awful way.

I know you are happy without a care or worry in sight;

I am holding on to Jesus’ hand so very tight.

If only I knew that morning we awoke would have been our last;

I would have done things differently and would not have lived life so fast.

I can’t turn back time nor make up for the mistakes I have made;

But I have been given a second chance at life, and given a desire to walk in His Way.

Savannah Rose Thornsbury
September 19, 1993
June 2, 1996

Peek a boo

If you have children on this earth below;
Tell them you love them, please let them know.
Once they are gone they do not come back;
Do not take life for granted nor have your child live in lack.
Riches and toys is not what a child needs;
But loving parents, and not word only but in deeds.
Toys can’t correct them or soothe their fears away;
Only a Godly parent can when that child asks you to pray.

Take it from me, someone who knows.

Pamela JoyousNJesus McDonald
June 2, 2020
1:20 a.m.

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