Forbid Them Not

All week long with tomorrow (Sunday)being the 7th straight day, the little children have been on my mind.

Children being allowed to raise themselves, watching, listening, playing, and interacting in what they want to, without any direction from the adults around them.

Many are living in so-called Christian homes watching parents get drunk, doing drugs, having the boyfriend or girlfriend of the single parent spending the night in fornication, cussing, yelling & screaming. gossip galore, and telling lies, invading their ears.

All of this in homes of parents that go to a church and warm the pews.

Do not even come back at me with a twisted interpretation of judge not rhetoric.

Study the Word of God and ask God for the Wisdom to understand, but before you can even get Wisdom you must have the fear of the LORD in your heart and mind. Because the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.

If you are purposely commiting sin that makes you a friend of this world, then you are an enemy of God. God is light and in Him is no darkness. If you are purposedly sinning, then you are walking in darkness, you are not in God. That is Word of God, not an interpretation but truth. If you say you love God and do not keep His commandments, He says you are a liar. Not me but the Word of God says that.

All week long my heart has been breaking, crushed over the little children of this world, because they have no one to teach them the ways of the LORD in the love of God.

Did you read that?


Not with worldly love that is just emotional and not balanced with correction as well as discipline.

Parents these days want to be friends with their child, instead of being a parent, because being a parent means hearing I HATE YOU sometimes. Being a good parent does not make you the cool mom on the block!

So in this generation of children, they are being programmed to be insensitive to peoples needs.

Through violent videos games, to bloody movies and tv shows.

Have hands out instead of working.

This stimulus package has made them see it is lucrative to not work and get paid to just hangout on electronics after all the Government has your back.

Doesn’t matter if they participate or not everyone gets trophy.
Feeds into the spoiled behavior that
Veruca Salt cried out in Willy Wonka, “I want it and I WANT IT NOW” attitude.

There is no consequences for bad behavior.
To spank a child now is against the law, and if you take their cell phone you can go to jail. When you take electronics away, actual adults will say you are to cruel!?

Whatever makes you feel good about yourself then do it.

The same attitude Alister Crowley chanted, “Do what though wilt, is the whole sum of the law”!

BTW He was a very demonic satan worshipper that wrote many books on the occult that is still used today.

Parents can’t tell you what to do you are the master of your own life etc.
Kids will literally tell a parent, that they will not do what they were asked, because they do not want to, so they refuse!!

Sadly some of those who profess Christ are raising their children this way.

God is not pleased at all!

The heart of God is toward the little children right now, and He is looking for the Joshua’s and Caleb’s to lead them in the ways of the LORD to the Promised Land, Heavenly Jerusalem!

I was a little taken back in the beginning of the week when the children were put on my heart, tears flowing, and just a brokeness deep within me.

I could not really understand because my children are grown adults (though always my babies).

my son
my daughter

He lead me down the path of what children are seeing and participating in.

Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok, Discord, role play, porn, selfies, sexting, partaking in cartoon YouTube videos in different realms crossing over in realms of the spirit world.

I was horrified upon seeing this stuff it left me in tears. But God is saying all is not lost that He is raising the remnant up that will take these children under their wing and teach them HIS WAYS!

And for those parents and adults that have brought a reproach on the Holy Name of Jesus, putting stumbling blocks before these children He is saying very clearly:


Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come unto Him and forbid them not for such is the kingdom of Heaven”! Do you know that the children’s angels behold the face of God? That should make you quack in your shoes!

Since last Sunday till now, so much has occurred, and so much God has confirmed what He is saying and showing me.

The generation of adults and parents that are raising this generation of children need to repent before it is too late.

Just like the children of Israel listened to all the other spies saying they were afraid of the giants, instead of listening to Caleb and Joshua believing God would defend them.

God said they would not enter into the Promised land, but would die in the wilderness and only those 20 years and younger would receive the promise being lead by only 2 that originally came out of Egypt!!!

Yes I was a strict parent but not always. Before I was born again I was raising my children in a very unhealthy way.

You see my daughter Savanna Rose was killed in my driveway, she was ran over. I was literally devastated, destroyed as well as felt so guilty that it consumed me. So to discipline my other two surviving children was very hard to do.

My babies

Because my baby boy literally watch the truck run my 2 year old over I let him do and behave any way he wanted. Because of my guilt and pain, I allowed emotions rule me and not the correct love of a parent teaching them the right way.

My family was headed for a train wreck and destruction. If it was not for a praying Grandmother from years past and a praying mom I have no idea where I or my children would be today, I really do not.

After already 2 failed marriages I married my third husband, a very good man according to man’s standards at least.

I was not born again when we married.

He jumped right in and became the dad these two kids of mine needed, he brought structure and balances as well. He taught me that what I was doing was not love and was very harmful to the children in the long run. That the children needed structure, they needed love but they needed correction and they needed to learn to take responsibility for actions they do.

Thankfully it was during this time I was born again (2000) after we were married for 2 months, and the LORD helped me and taught me how to submit to my husband’s authority and to never allow the children to pit us against one another. So when he told the kids something, punished them, or whatever I learned to back him up and never take his authority from him in the eyes of the children.He actually adopted them and they took his name.

After 7 years of marriage I fell into great sin, not only did I commit physical adultery but spiritual adultery.

But praise God for His Grace and His mercy. He did not owe me another chance by any means.

So I do know both sides I do know what I am talking about through experience in life.

Raise your children in the ways of the LORD but first get your own life and heart in order!

You will not answer for what so and so does, but you will answer for how you raised your children and for your own life.

You can’t teach a child how to live and what to do, if you, yourself are not doing the same.

Children learn by example, if you are whoring around, bar hopping, drugging it up cursing God and others, watching filth, advocating violence, what are you teaching your children?

Pamela JoyousNJesus McDonald

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