Ruth~ Are You Virtuous?

You want to know what your life should look like? What your heart reflects?

Read the Book of Ruth, if you don’t get it the first time read it again and again until it resonates in your very soul!

Ruth and Naomi: Biblical women who loved each other
Ruth cares for her mother-in-law Naomi

That young woman had a reputation among the children of Israel as being a Virtuous woman.


Not just a few the whole City!

Now read Proverbs 31, read it over and over understand it, know it, this is what we as women, should be like!

She did not sit around idle, she did not gossip, she was chaste, she did not partake in lewdness or mocking. She had the fear of the LORD she was extraordinary!

She was what we would call an immigrant in the land of BETHLEHEM! She was not a Jew she was a Moabitess.

So you know many watched her, judged her every move and word. In the end, they declared her to be a virtuous woman!

They found no wickedness in her and that is how people should find us!

How would the lost describe you? Would they call you a God-fearing man or woman? Avoiding any and all kinds of sin?

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Proverbs 31 ~ A virtuous woman ~

Or would they visit you and see you in front of your tv partaking in filth and wickedness in the form of entertainment? Would they even know you were a Christian if you didn’t tell them?

I have no idea because I do not know you, and if I do know you I haven’t been to your house. So, for the most part, I only know what you have told me and what you want me to see. And honestly, I do not want to know any more than that.

But God knows all and sees all He is the one you need to concern yourself with.

God has a remnant of people who are without spot, wrinkle or blemish they are Virtuous. Are you part of the remnant? Only you can answer that I cannot. Look in the mirror which is the Word of God. Read Ruth and Proverbs 31 reflect upon these two and ask yourself how you measure up.

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