Lessons Thru Weeding

This happened 2 years ago.

(This was a two-part series but part one written by my friend giving her perspective has been misplaced. – The back story we were weeding the south side of the house. She was on the right side and I was on the left as we divided it down the center as to who would clean which side. This is my account of that day.)

Part 2

CONTROLLING Craziness: Side Flower Beds Before and After

As she was being taught so much on the right side of the area, on the left I was being taught as well. The viewpoints in which I was at was somewhat different. See I had many big pricker bush weeds on my side. I was working with a child that was not too happy about weeding. Things seemed to be starting off exceedingly difficult. The other side was making progress and the 10 y/o began singing Jesus Loves Me. I had no intention of giving up and walking away. I kept telling myself I can do this. I was on my knees on foam kneeling boards and was trying to get the pricker bushes pulled from the back, but then realizing that they were smaller in the front and starting in the back wasn’t going to be the smarter way to go.

Dealing with garden weeds

This is when the first lesson came in. Start in the very front. if you pull the little prickers up first then you will have an area without prickers to kneel on. so I backed up and started at the front. they were indeed smaller and somewhat easy to pull. then moving more towards the big ones, it became harder as the prickers were much bigger, and grabbing them was harder. they hurt to touch. Kind of like those things in our lives that we do not want to think about or deal with because they hurt to touch.

6 Surefire, All-Natural Ways To Control Garden Weeds - Off The ...

next lesson. For them to be pulled you must first lay them down. using a big rake and pulling them forward exposing the base of the pricker bush weeds they were able to be chopped. the tops were taken by the rake and the base stems and roots remained. but they had to be first laid down. just as those things in our lives. to deal with them you must first lay them down.

3rd lesson. with those stubs and roots remaining 2 things happened. some just simply were able to be pulled up without much hesitation. and some had to be dug up. The roots run deep. sometimes in life once we lay the hurtful things down, they may be plucked up and removed easier or we must dig deep. those deep-rooted things unless removed will come back another day.

lesson 4. my attitude towards the 16 y/o was getting more and more frustrated as it seemed she moved backward or just stood there. I was hurting but so determined to finish. In my head, I asked the Lord to help me.

Weed Identification Guide | Better Homes & Gardens

Then a couple of boys came. they began to speak to me, and I continued working but talking to them. I knew they were one of my cousin’s boys’ but was unsure which one. So, as we discussed things, I had begun an area that was grass that had grown in the flower bed. it was bigger patches with lots of roots, but these roots were smaller. To get them up you must dig slightly into the ground and bend the little gardening shovel back to lift the edge. doing this around the patch helped get it loosened so the area could be plucked up, like sod.

Weed Identification Guide | Better Homes & Gardens

lesson 5. bigger patches of sin in our lives or things we do not necessarily wanna give up have many roots and may need to be dug slightly at every angle. So, when they get plucked it comes up as a whole. These boys then asked if we wanted some help. They gladly dug in. they were happy to help. As they were digging in and asking questions the 16 y/o was being kind of snippy, but I answered and then kept telling the 16 y/o not to be mean. they came over here to see what we were doing, and they then began to help.


The Lord is so amazing. Well, the boys went to the other end of the flower bed to the 10 y/o and 50 y/o. I continued doing my side. then it came to me to ask if they had any big shovels. these boys said yes. then immediately turned and ran home to fetch them. they came back so quickly with 2 shovels. so now being able to use the bigger shovels I was able to go along the edge of the flower bed and began edging up the grass-grown patches. the 16 y/o followed with the other shovel, shoveling up the patches I had loosened.

The Parable of the Sower

So here again lesson 6. first by loosening up the edge of the flower bed with the big shovel the patches were able to be brought up the rest of the way by the second shovel. its like first getting convicted of some sins in our lives. they are loosened up and then letting them completely go and having them removed. its a process and even though it seemed to be a bit tedious, it was finished before we knew it.


Then the next lesson (#7) was amazing. These boys disappeared but reappeared with bottles of water and one of them grabbed sandals because he wanted help to get the big roots out with the shovel. just amazing how these two show up, help us, equip us, and even give us water bottles to help sustain us…. reminds me of the Lord.

Chores: How to Involve Children | Bright Horizons®

How He helps us, equips us, sustains us, and TEACHES us! These boys were very much a blessing.

This day did not start out as I would have liked it but instead blew my mind with amazing lessons. But there are still some more lessons that were learned.


After the events and as I was writing this even more things began to pop up and the realizations were so beautiful. As it was stated in the other post I had offered them ice cream for they’re helping. They declined but said maybe for our sister. That right there showed one of the commandments Jesus gave us, To Love our neighbors as ourselves! So outstanding.

What It Really Means to "Love Your Neighbor As Yourself"

I invited them to come to church and was so excited to hear them tell us how they learn about God’s stuff in their home. That’s so very precious. Then the thing that blew my mind again was when one of the boys ran home and brought back a single flower to plant. it was one that as it grows will produce many flowers. Now planted in freshly weeded and tilled up ground this flower (seed) can grow and produce much fruit. He stood up after planting it, and said: “You have to water it now!” Just as when you get Jesus in your heart you begin to read the Bible and the Holy Spirit will begin to help you understand and guide you! The Holy Spirit is like water.

Summer blooming perennials for the Southeast Texas Gulf Coast


WOW WOW to think about it more… Today we were shown something straight out of a parable. The parable of the sower. Wow. See the weeds in the front of the bed had little stones/pebbles around it liken unto a stony ground. the weeds were simply to pluck up as the roots couldn’t grow deep. Then you had the thorny areas when nothing could grow it was choked out. Then the boy planted this flower in good ground, which can now grow and produce more flowers.


The Lord has truly worked wonders today and very much taught me the lessons above but has shown me in my life there are many things I must lay down, pluck up, continue striving, and most importantly to be as a little child. So loving and ready to help.

Nikki Clear

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