Control The Food, Control The People

Pamela JoyousNJesus

This has been one of the hardest studies I have ever done, and it was not done tearfree. I have seen things and read things that have angered me, and things that felt like ripped my heart out.

images (18)

Ok, I am going to speak it…
Why are they giving people a stimulus check?

They say in order to jump-start the economy again right? As well as out of concern for the well being of the people.

That is a LIE!

I want to point out a few things, you cannot argue, unless, of course you have not researched anything.

Then your argument will be a mindless one and I will not keep it on my post.

Arrogance? No, I will not argue facts, I will not argue what God Almighty has shown me, I will not argue.


1. Pigs are being slaughtered.

2. Cattle being killed.


3. Chickens being killed.

images (19)

4. Eggs thrown away by truckloads.

images (20)

5. Milk dumped out on ground

download (1)

6. Potatoes piled up to rot in huge mounds as well as other vegetable.

7. Seeds and gardening things have been restricted to buy as other item,s considered non-essential.

8. Stores open only for essential needs.

9. Limited amount of food you are able to purchase as well.

10. Bill Gates pushing for GMO foods and genetically made meats to be made, and he has been working with John Tyson for years.

Have you asked yourself this question, how can they make plant based meat, if they are destroying the crops?

Also Madonna is working with Bill Gates and has donated over a million dollars for a vaccine. Oh, she is also tested positive as having immunity to it as Tom Hanks.

You Christian, trust this woman or any person that would be tied to her?

Let’s not forget another person he has put on his team backing him about vaccines, that contains aborted baby. Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga put a benefit on with WHO who Bill Gates is a part of to unite the global citizens together as one. Let me show you a few that partook of this. You may want to seriously ask yourself, do I want to be one with these people?


Taylor Swift
Billie Elilish
Young Satanist idol to many teens and adults as well. Does your child listen to this? Have you opened the door to Satan through listening to this demonic music? Then you wonder why bad things happen.
First here are the lyric to one of her songs: All The Good Girls Go To Hell
My Lucifer is lonelyStanding there, killing time
Can’t commit to anything but a crime
Peter’s on vacation, an open invitation
Animals, evidence
Pearly gates look more like a picket fence
Once you get inside ’em
Got friends but can’t invite themHills burn in California
My turn to ignore ya
Don’t say I didn’t warn ya

All the good girls go to hell
‘Cause even God herself has enemies
And once the water starts to rise
And heaven’s out of sight
She’ll want the devil on her team

My Lucifer is lonely

Look at you needing me
You know I’m not your friend without some greenery
Walk in wearing fetters
Peter should know better
Your cover up is caving in
Man is such a fool
Why are we saving him?
Poisoning themselves now
Begging for our help, wow!

Hills burn in California
My turn to ignore ya
Don’t say I didn’t warn ya

All the good girls go to hell
‘Cause even God herself has enemies
And once the water starts to rise
And heaven’s out of sight
She’ll want the devil on her team

My Lucifer is lonely
There’s nothing left to save now
My god is gonna owe me
There’s nothing left to save now

(I cannot do this snowflake)

You never heard of her? Trust me your child has or grandchild, and you want to be one with her?

Let’s look at Oprah Winfrey, and ask yourself, “Do I serve the same god as she does?”

10 years ago

Bill Gates talks about how to kill millions with vaccines~

Did you know that Bill Gates father was involved with planned parenthood

The 1,200 dollar to 2,400 checks the Government sent out to make you believe they care, is now being used to go to the store to restock up on your supplies or to stock up just incase this lasts longer than they have said.

Instead of people believing the watchmen who has been sounding the alarm from God’s Throne for over two years about famine, now some are starting to believe but too late.

What do I mean by too late?

I have shown you pictures of empty shelves, in s variety of stores. It is not just in Michigan it is throughout the U.S. in every state.

BUT BEFORE this “panmdem__ic” last year I was shouting from the ROOFTOPS about a food shortage due to enormous floods in the middle of the farm belt of America.

How the floods wrecked millions of acres of farmland and they COULD NOT plant last summer.

Also on the millions of cattle, chickens, pigs DROWNED!

On how the grains in the silos were RUINED FROM WATER and had to be thrown away not good for human consumption let alone animal.

images (21)

How the rest of the grains that did survive was sent to CHINA and NOT stored up for us!

Now obviously entering into this new year we would have already seen a food shortage because of the none planting and devastation of floods, tornadoes, mudslides, fires, etc

BUT NOW they are literally getting rid of the food that is available!

Now, my point?

After those who have been going to the stores get what is available to purchase you will begin to see more empty shelves.

Why? Because they are depleting the supplies that we do have and soon there will be nothing to restock!!!!

OPEN YOUR EYES! Please see what is going on, PLEASE!

This is real, this is TRUTH!

So what is next??

When the stores and there will limited stores open the foods they will be stocked with will not be good not you! They will look good, taste good, just like the fruit Eve picked but it will be DEADLY! DEADLY!

In more ways than one!

You can know the end from the beginning right?

Sin entered our world when Satan tricked Eve.

She looked at the food, and it looked good to eat.

She tasted it and boy it tasted good.

It killed her and Adam SPIRITUALLY THAT VERY DAY and their bodies would begin to age and soon the breath of life would enter and they would return to the dust of the earth.

How does this resemble us in the year 2020?

Bill Gates proposal is suggest modifying our foods that we consume.

images (16)

You no longer have the option to grow your own REAL VEGGIES. What do I mean, well if you are allowed to buy seeds, what kind of seeds are you buying? GMO or real seeds?

GMO seeds are bred not in a garden but in a laboratory using modern biotechnology techniques like gene splicing. Scientists modify a seed’s DNA to ensure the resulting plant produces desired characteristics. Seed Savers Exchange does not produce or sell GMO seedsNonGMO seeds are cultivated through pollination.”

But if you do somehow do buy real seeds, and you are not using a green house or filtered water, and good soil from underground at least I am estimating 4-5 feet down then your homegrown foods will be no better! ChemtrailsFrontSmoke

Why? Because the chemtrails are spraying toxics daily along with nanoparticles that attach to plants, water supply, and soil.

The nanoparticles found in foods may consist of inorganic (e.g., silver, titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, iron oxide, and zinc oxide) and/or organic components (e.g., lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates). Nanoparticle composition plays a major role in determining their GIT fate.

Safety of Nanoparticles. Current research indicates that exposure via inhalation and skin contact can result in nanoparticles entering the body. Nanoparticles are tiny particles that can be inhaled or ingested and may pose a possible problem both medically and environmentally.

Nanoparticles can get into the body through the skin, lungs and digestive system. This may help create ‘free radicals’ which can cause cell damage and damage to the DNA. There is also concern that once nanoparticles are in the bloodstream they will be able to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Nanoparticles enter the body by crossing one of its outer layers, either the skin or the lining of the lungs or the intestine. … Once inside, the particles will move with the circulation into all the organs and tissues of the body.

Out of three human studies, only one showed a passage of inhaled nanoparticles into the bloodstream. Materials which by themselves are not very harmful could be toxic if they are inhaled in the form of nanoparticles. The effects of inhaled nanoparticles in the body may include lung inflammation and heart problems.

If Bill Gates gets his way, you will be ingesting more and more metals that are literally alive and changing your internal body structure as you consume more and more of the metals you are consuming less and less nutrients.

Then the meats you will be digesting, they say, is plant based…I have a question for you.

Have you ever heard the old saying, “you can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip?”

Then ask yourself this, “where is the blood coming from that will be in plant based meat?”

Celebrities? Aborted babies? Will the meat be an abomination to God that will render your temple desolate? Will you be consuming meat sacrificed to pagan false gods?

You say NEVER! Do you know if you consume these products you already have! Now that you know are you going to never touch them again?

Read below and here is the Facebook page

Have you heard of a company called, “Senomyx?” 

Senomyx website states that “The company’s key flavor programs focus on the discovery and development of savory, sweet and salt flavor ingredients that are intended to allow for the reduction of MSG, sugar and salt in food and beverage products.…Using isolated human taste receptors, we created proprietary taste receptor-based assay systems that provide a biochemical or electronic readout when a flavor ingredient interacts with the receptor.”
Senomyx notes their collaborators provide them research and development funding plus royalties on sales of products using their flavor ingredients.
“What they do not tell the public is that they are using HEK 293 – human embryonic kidney cells taken from an electively aborted baby to produce those receptors”, stated Debi Vinnedge, Executive Director for Children ofGod for Life, a pro-life watch dog group that has been monitoring the use of aborted fetal material in medical products and cosmetics for years.
“They could have easily chosen COS (monkey) cells, Chinese Hamster Ovary cells, insect cells or other morally obtained human cells expressing the G protein for taste receptors”, Vinnedge added.
In writing to their collaborators, it took three letters before Nestlé finally admitted the truth about their relationship with Senomyx, noting the cell line was “well established in scientific research”.
After hearing Ms Vinnedge speak publicly on the problem, angry consumers began writing the companies. Both Pepsico and Campbell Soup immediately responded.
Shockingly, Pepsico wrote: “We hope you are reassured to learn that our collaboration with Senomyx is strictly limited to creating lower-calorie, great-tasting beverages for consumers. This will help us achieve our commitment to reduce added sugar per serving by 25% in key brands in key markets over the next decade and ultimately help people live healthier lives.”
Campbell Soup was more concerned in their response: “Every effort is made to use the finest ingredients and develop the greatest selection of products, all at a great value. With this in mind, it must be said that the trust we have cultivated and developed over the years with our consumers is not worth compromising to cut costs or increase profit margins.”
Click here to read the response letters from Pepsico, Campbell Soup and Nestlé letters (Letter 1, 2, 3):
Need proof of Senomyx use of aborted fetal cell lines? Following is the link to the on-line article for their patent on sweet receptors (they filed several separate patents for each of the different taste receptors):
As it is lengthy and technical, I recommend you simply do a search in the document for HEK-293. HEK CELL (Human Embryonic Kidney 293 cells), also often referred to as HEK 293, 293 cells, or less precisely as HEK cells are a specific cell line originally derived from human embryonic kidney cells grown in tissue culture. HEK 293 cells are very easy to grow and transfect very readily and have been widely-used in cell biology research for many years. They are also used by the biotechnology industry to produce therapeutic proteins and viruses for gene therapy.
Below is a list of products that contain HEK cells. HEK cell Products:
Pepsi Beverages:
• All Pepsi soft drinks
• Sierra Mist soft drinks
• Mountain Dew soft drinks
• Mug root beer and other soft drinks
• No Fear beverages
• Ocean Spray beverages
• Seattle’s Best Coffee
• Tazo beverages
• AMP Energy beverages
• Aquafina water
• Aquafina flavored beverages
• DoubleShot energy beverages
• Frappuccino beverages
• Lipton tea and other beverages
• Propel beverages
• SoBe beverages
• Gatorade beverages
• Fiesta Miranda beverages
• Tropicana juices and beverages
Other Senomyx Partner ProductsNestles Products:
• All coffee creamers
• Maggi Brand instant soups, bouillon cubes, ketchups, sauces, seasoning, instant noodles
Kraft – Cadbury Adams LLC Products:
• Black Jack chewing gum
• Bubbaloo bubble gum
• Bubblicious bubble gum
• Chiclets
• Clorets
• Dentyne
• Freshen Up Gum
• Sour Cherry Gum (Limited)
• Sour Apple Gum (Limited)
• Stride
• Trident
Cadbury Adams LLC Candies
• Sour Cherry Blasters
• Fruit Mania
• Bassett’s Liquorice All sorts
• Maynards Wine Gum
• Swedish Fish
• Swedish Berries
• Juicy Squirts
• Original Gummies
• Fuzzy Peach
• Sour Chillers
• Sour Patch Kids
• Mini Fruit Gums
Other Cadbury Adams LLC Products:
• Certs breath mints
• Halls Cough Drops
Not part of Senomyx – Neocutis Products:
This company produces anti wrinkle creams that contain cells from a 14 week gestation aborted malebaby. Following is the list of the creams, but we recommend a full boycott of all Neocutis Products.
• Bio-Gel Prevedem Journee
• Bio-Serum Lumiere
• Bio Restorative Skin Cream
Pro-lifers drop boycott after Pepsi disavows use of aborted fetal-cells:
Human and Animal Cells In Vaccines
Abortion, Eugenics, Population Control and Monsanto
Dead Babies In Your Food, Drinks & Makeup Illuminati Exposed!
This is Why So many Children Go Missing McDonald’s
McDonalds Human Burgers Exposed!! (Satans Illuminati Food Chain)
The Simpsons – Jimbo Burger

Will God hold it against us if we eat this food?

Most will say no, if we did it out of ignorance He wouldn’t judge us.

Hmm have you been warned? Has those God has sent told you of things to come and you laughed at them? Do you love the truth?

The truth involves ALL TRUTH, even Truth that you may be wrong, truth that you are full of pride and need to repent, truth that God has forewarned you and is now warning you. You must love the truth! Regardless if it hurts to hear it!

So honestly in my own opinion I believe God will NOT HOLD those guiltless that eat food sacrificed to idols…and most foods that are sacrificed is not animal but HUMAN!

Now have you looked up what vaccines are made with? You need to know, because there is aborted baby and human as well as animal in them. You think God will hold you guiltless have innocent blood that was murdered injected in you? 


Vaccines Containing HEK Cells And the Manufacturers:
MMR II (Merck)
ProQuad (MMR + Chickenpox – Merck)
Varivax (Chickenpox – Merck)
Pentacel (Polio + DTaP + HiB – Sanofi Pasteur)
Vaqta (Hepatitis-A – Merck)
Havrix (Hepatitis-A – Glaxo SmithKline)
Twinrix (Hepatitis-A and B combo – Glaxo)
Zostavax (Shingles – Merck)Imovax (Rabies – Sanofi Pasteur)
Other medicines:
Pulmozyme (Cystic Fibrosis – Genetech)
Enbrel (Rheumatoid Arthritis – Amgen)
Note: Moral options exist for Rabies, Polio, Rheumatoid Arthritis. Separate moral options currently not available for Measles and Mumps.
MRC-5 (Medical Research Council cell strain 5) is a diploid human cell culture line composed of fibroblasts, originally developed from research deriving lung tissue of a 14 week old aborted Caucasian male fetus, the current manufacturing process uses cell factories to grow MRC-5 without the need for any fetal cells.
3- HeLa cells are immortal, meaning they will divide again and again and again… This performance can be explained by the expression of an overactive telomerase that rebuilds telomeres after each division, preventing cellular aging and cellular senescence, and allowing perpetual divisions of the cells.Nov 28, 2017
Human diploid cells have 46 chromosomes (the somatic number, 2n) and human haploid gametes (egg and sperm) have 23 chromosomes (n). Retroviruses that contain two copies of their RNA genome in each viral particle are also said to be diploid.
Human embryonic kidney 293 cells, also often referred to as HEK 293, HEK-293, 293 cells, or less precisely as HEK cells, are a specific cell line originally derived from human embryonic kidney cells grown in tissue culture.
The WI38 and MRC-5 cell lines, derived from two fetuses that were aborted, respectively, in 1962 in Sweden and in 1966 in the United States. PEOPLE JUSTIFY BEING INJECTED BECAUSE ABORTED FETUS WERE FROM MANY YEARS AGO!! 
It is time to look in the mirror people!! 
Bill Gates is NOT YOUR FRIEND and quite honestly, HE WANTS YOU DEAD! 
You trust this man?
You trust this worldly Government that will be literally starving you to death?

Our Meatless Future: How The $2.7T Global Meat Market Gets Disrupted

Leonardo DiCaprio is also the celebrity spokesman for the fake meat

Actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio announced that he is investing in the plant-based food startup Beyond Meat. In a taste test of the Beyond Burger, it didn’t fool me for beef, but it is a tasty vegetarian option that mimics the look and texture of a traditional patty.Oct 17, 2017 DiCaprio-Beyond-Meat

Leonardo seems to think he needs to help GOD, who created all things. I guess he thimks as well as those wanted meatless meat that God can’t sustain the earth without them….Do you believe in man or God?

You say no way, would people even think about eating other humans?

Here is a link:

Speaking at a summit, Stockholm School of Economics professor and researcher Magnus Soderlund reportedly said that society needs to “awaken to the idea” that eating the flesh of dead people could help save the human race.


Oh and by the way, this man has the same agenda as Bill Gates & Leonardo DiCaprio climate change.

Want to know more? Here is one the worlds well-known atheist and genuis Richard Dawkins has to say on his own twitter account.


The same man that believe mild pedophile is ok.


Oh, did I mention he thinks it will also be beneficial for our climate and environment?

Take a look at these people and nations that are already and has been for a long time eating human meat.

The difference between GMO, HYBRID, ORGANIC, AND HEIRLOOM

Political leaders in Iowa – the biggest pig producing state in the US – have warned that producers could be forced to kill 700,000 pigs a week due to meat plant slowdowns or closures. The situation has been exacerbated by consolidation within the sector, with the number of meat plants having fallen by half in 45 years.

An 8 April letter from the chicken producer Allen Harim, seen as a photo by the Guardian, said that as of 10 April the company “will begin depopulating flocks in the field”. The letter went on to tell contract farmers that “growers, whose flocks we depopulate, will be fairly compensated”. It was signed by Michele V Minton, director of live operations.

I pray this has answered a lot of questions, but I pray that it creates more questions and that you will begin to dig deeper.

If you have made it to this point, then you must understand God will not hold you guiltless from this day forward if you knowingly eat foods that contain human meat and aborted baby cells. You take a vaccine after knowing the truth He will not hold you guiltless either. You partake in the innocent blood being shed in order to save your own life? You will be held accountable, for doing so it is an abomination to God and it renders your body DESOLATE! Satan knows this! That is why he does not want ANYONE believing this, so therefore it is dubbed a “conspiracy theory”. Truth usually is…

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