Obey The LORD And Stand Back And See The Salvation Of The LORD.

Mark Cowan

March 6, 2020 


1 Corinthians 9:16 For though I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of: for necessity is laid upon me; yea, woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel!

I’ve had something burning in me for years and it burns more fiercely than ever.
‘I’m awed and I tremble with the awesomeness of God and the task to warn others that we’re right on the verge of tremendous judgment.

Some people will say, “Why don’t you pray and ask God to take it (the burning) away?”

I’ve prayed daily for years to get it!.

I’m not going to ask Him to take it away! I’m asking Him to deepen it! I’m asking Him to intensify it!

I am, as some might say, a glorious ruin.
I am in the land of the dying, desiring to be in The Land of THE Living.
My heart aches for the lost, those who have not faith in The Lord Jesus.
My spirit is sorrowful and agitated at the condition of The Church, without care, concern, or compassion for the lost, but more concerned for their own condition and desires.

I am somewhat amazed at the reaction of many believers to the events of these last days as though some strange thing has happened. It is as though it has caught many believers unawares.

We have been told in scripture what these days would be like and that God is aware of it. He continues to plead with His people to call upon HIM and not look to heathen governments for deliverance.

It is as if the believers of today have fallen into to condemnation of:

Jeremiah 2:11-13. 11 Hath a nation changed their gods, which are yet no gods? but my people have changed their glory for that which doth not profit. 12 Be astonished, O ye heavens, at this, and be horribly afraid, be ye very desolate, saith the Lord. 13 For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.

The Church of the New Testament, Believers in Christ, are called “A Holy Nation, A Royal Priesthood”; called to bring glory and honor to God alone and yet they have not laid it to heart to give that glory to Him by going and seeking the ways of the ungodly to deliver them.

For all of this, I am in sorrow of heart and spirit.

Yet in Christ alone I have hope. The preaching of the cross, though foolishness to many is, and will be the only power of God unto the saving of those that believe.
God’s Word endures and all things will be fulfilled. Christ will come again and vindicate the righteous and bring His vengeance upon the ungodly. In this, I have hope, peace, and confidence.

In all things, I desire to bring forth the message of salvation to those who are yet fighting against Christ when they think that they only fight against those that desire to live for Him.

Mark Cowan

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