You May Have To Stand Alone, Are You Ready?


Pamela JoyousNjesus Mcdonald

Have you ever thought you may have to stand up for what is right, and not one person to stand with you?

Not even those who know what you are doing is the right thing, but, their fear is bigger than standing up for the right thing?

Not even a family member or a friend because to be an outsider in the community or work or church is worse to them than to watch you become the object of slander, ridicule, and ostracized from others?

Would you still do the right thing?

Sometimes I look back at my life and more times than not I ask, “why LORD did that happen?”

But sometimes I look back like now and see where I was being prepared for something much bigger than myself someday.

Just when I think “Ahh this is why then a curveball is thrown at me.”

I am one of few people that do not blame my childhood or my past for who I am or what I have done. I own up to my bad choices and my mistakes rather than blame childhood horrors.

No excuse given to the LORD will get me a free out of hell card so if He ain’t buying it I am not going to try and sell it.

But I do believe our past, childhood, puberty, teen, and adulthood can mold us and prepare us for things ahead. That is just my belief.

When I was 11 I had to move in with my grandma and help take care of her until she died when I was 16. By having to do that I never really bonded with my family much. Though my oldest sister and I did have a close bond that was never broken. I was an outsider at best, longing to be a part of the family still.

When I was 17 I married my first husband. Before I had my first child at 20, I had lived in Ohio, Illinois, California, Arizona, and New Jersey. Because of those years not living with my family it was not that hard to pick up and move as much as we did.

Troubles came and troubles went the same did husbands. (5) I remind myself of the woman at the well, the only difference is I am not with anyone now and do not have plans to be.

I have traveled to many places, from Canada, Mexico, Jamacia, Israel, Turkey, Rome, Bahamas, New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Sout Carolina, Florida, Nevada, Texas, Missouri, Minnesota, Amsterdam, Paris, Georgia, Kentucky so many places.

So now I understand why I was blessed to go to so many places because He will send me out to other places to share the Gospel and there is no fear in me of going alone or with someone.

But a couple of things that I had to go through were pretty tough and very confusing.

Once there was a manager at a fast-food restaurant chain that I worked at. I was a manager and she was my boss, well so many people came up to me begging to talk with the supervisor about our boss’s behavior. Even other managers asked me to. She would slam things, cuss, cry, and sometimes seriously act insane. I knew something had to be done so I went to the supervisor of the stores. He, in turn, told my boss and I did not know it. I was called into work early cause she wanted to talk to me about the “schedule”. I get there and she tells me to get in her car, things were eerily quiet and very tense for a few miles. We pulled off the road into the woods and then she goes completely nuts on me! She even told me that she could kill me and NO ONE WOULD KNOW! I am not kidding. Not one person stood up for me, not one manager, not one employee, not any that called me friend.

That was not the only time something like this happened to me.

Once I went to a church in my hometown and they had a man there that was from out of town. People were talking about this “revival” and how people would laugh and laugh. I thought well that is NOT RIGHT! What on earth is GOD LAUGHING AT? So I went to this church my momma went with me. It was the same time Passion of the Christ came out. I was against both of these things. I still today will say, neither was of God. So when we went, sure enough, people laughing! Everywhere! On the floor in the music booth everywhere! He called me and mom to go up and get prayed for, this man literally tried to make me and my mom fall on the floor! He kept hitting me in the middle of my forehead! I am one that I do not believe in being slain in the “spirit” for one thing. I left there very upset.

On Sunday I always ministered Sunday morning and night too. That Sunday I exposed the Passion of the Christ as not of God and this “laughing revival” not of God. I was told by many I am to be quiet that man was of God and it says in the Bible, “touch not God’s anointed and do His prophets no harm!” HUH?! That was David talking about not killing Saul, what did that have to do with me? So I was kind of alienated after that. It was not long afterward I quit church and God altogether as well as my third marriage.

I know what it is like to stand alone for what is right.

I know what it is like to have brothers and sisters in Christ surround me because the leader of our little group got offended at me (about them chasing signs and wonders) so he tells everyone I have a religious evil spirit. So they anoint me with oil that flowed from that Bible in Georgia! And prayed for me! Friends, family, and brothers and sisters in Christ all against me, because one man said I read the Bible TOO MUCH and have a religious evil spirit.

I was told that I cry too much that I need to always have the face of Jesus on when He was around little children. That I need to be out there witnessing for Christ instead of studying.

Why did I have to go through all of this?

I have cried more tears than anyone will ever know over the things I have encountered since coming back to Christ three years ago. Being run off from Churches because people do not like me because of my past. Or jealous because the LORD is using me but they have been serving Him for 28 years and they know more than me.

Gossiped about, lied on, rumors told, wicked seeds planted in other’s minds concerning me.

I know at least in part why I had to endure these things.

I have not told you this stuff for pity, because I do not even pity myself. I actually rejoice over these attacks, each one of them (there is more but I shared enough) was needful!!

Remember the sower and the grounds the seeds are sown on? The LORD showed me why the trials and temptations I was allowed to be put through, was in order to test the ground the seed was sown in. He already knew if I would pass or fail, but, I had no idea how solid my foundation was.

It wasn’t by the wayside, it wasn’t on dry ground, and it was not on the thorny ground which is where the fiery trial was focused on. When the trials of life happen, people turn against you, and all hope seems lost if that seed is not firmly planted in good ground the thorns of life will choke it out.

Then He showed me the foundation I am building on is the firmest foundation which IS HIM MY ROCK! The storms have come and storms have gone and though I have had the wind knocked out of me and have cried many tears not once did I move off my foundation.

Again I am not boasting on myself at all! If it was not for the LORD Jesus Christ and His Gift of the Precious Holy Spirit I probably would have sat down and died.

I am weak, but He is strong. There is not a day that goes by that I do not thank Him or need Him. I talk to Him always without ceasing because He is my closest and dearest friend. He knows everything there is to know about me the good, the bad, and the ugly and He still loves me.

So the question still is, are you willing to stand for what is right even though it seems you may be standing alone?

I know I know the Pharisaical religious type will pipe in and chime I am never alone God is always with me!

That may be true, but sometimes the heavens are as brass and He is so silent, that the enemy can deceive you if you are not prepared for that silence.

Are you standing on the firm foundation, are you willing to serve Him even if friends, family, children and all forsake you?

I shared this with you for a two-fold purpose. One to encourage you to know you can make it and two, to strengthen my faith in remembering.

I have been going through some sort of tsunami of a storm, high waves crashing down on me and around me. Tears have once again become a familiar friend to me, and thoughts of running till I run out of breath entertains my thoughts. But I cannot give up, I truly love Him and my life I have given Him. But I do remind myself I am human and not supernatural. I can only do what He says and equips me to do. I can’t run ahead or lag behind but obey when He speaks.

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