Do you stir the Gift up inside you? Or are you stirring up your emotions?


Pamela JoyousNJesus McDonald 

I have a very sincere question for the Family in Christ.
Do you need to see horrific pictures to keep your heart soft?
Do you need to watch a bloody movie in order to have sorrow and be grateful for what Christ Jesus did for you?
Is your heart growing cold and in order to feel alive you rent tear-jerkers so you have some kind of emotion?
I am being very serious about these questions.
Or do you think if you post aborted babies in the hands of doctors and nurses, you are going to get many to repent?
If they are sorry for their actions that is good, but they need to hear the Gospel the GOODNEWS that Jesus will forgive them that He took their punishment, that all sin was put on Him and if we believe and repent we will be a new creation.
To be very blunt they do not need to see a dead baby in their face! They need you to pray and ask the Father to draw them to Christ! They need to hear the TRUTH and know that Jesus loves them by YOU showing them THAT love! They do not need to be condemned by you, for they are already condemned if they do not repent. They the Gospel in action!
Not showing aborted babies for all to see! Do you honestly believe by posting that, you are glorifying God?
IN ALL THINGS we are to glorify Him.
It does not make me cry to see these kinds of posts, it makes me angry! A RIGHTEOUS ANGER God is not pleased with these kinds of things at all!
Also, do you really need to watch another year the movie “The Passion Of The Christ?” If you need a movie in order to “feel” something concerning the death, burial, and resurrection then you need to get back on your knees alone with the LORD and repent! Your heart has grown cold!
That movie had A LOT of lies in it, yet, many will be against me saying that. Because they will say but so many people repented after watching it! Oh, really? Hmm, where are these people at now? They are on the barstool next to the 9/11 Christian that “repented” probably. Absolutely there are a few that truly was born again, and that is by the Grace of God!
I personally remember both of these things. I remember the fearful running to the Churches after 9/11. I saw the sinner and the saint crying in the movie theater. I stood back and watched those who said they were saved after watching the movie, but not one thing was different in them. Still cussed, still fornicated, still lied, still got drunk. I watched these same people go up and sing in the choir at Churches, and no one aware of their unchanged behavior.
Instead of growing in sanctification or changing from glory to glory we have used technology to make us feel. Which are emotions which are carnal!! We are supposed to be spiritual beings, worshipping in spirit and in truth. Walking in the spirit so we do not fulfill the lust of the flesh.
Obviously, IF you need carnal things to stir up emotions in you, then the Holy Spirit has left!
Examine your life, examine your heart ask yourself why do you need things to make you feel when the Holy Spirit of God supposedly lives in you and you are supposed to be full of Him?
I am not being cruel, harsh yes, cruel no. I want you to wake up to the TRUTH!
Quit looking at evil and horrible photos, quit watching movies that GOD DID NOT ENDORSE.
Guess what?

He isn’t into “play-acting”.  Which, in Christ’s day the actors were called “hypocrites” because they were playing something they are not. 
You want to know what God has endorsed?
This what the LORD placed on my heart, and so I give it to you

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