The Cross of Jesus Christ (Part 1)


Part 1

I want to share with you my favorite subject in the Bible and that being the Cross of Jesus Christ.
Now some may think that I am morbid to look at this as my favorite subject, oh but not so, I am eternally grateful for the Cross, therefore, that is why it is my favorite subject. I am not interested in appealing to your heart as I share the Cross with you.
I am not interested in bringing forth certain emotions from you by sharing the Cross. You can go rent the movie “The Passion of Christ” by Mel Gibson if that is what you are expecting to find here. Because you won’t.
Sounds a bit odd to you? Yes, it does to those who allow their emotions to rule them and their wicked heart to dictate their feelings it would. You see all I am interested in, is telling you the absolute truth, and then step aside and allow the Holy Spirit to do what He has come for. I cannot convince you of your sin, nor can I convince you of your need for the Savior. All I can do is tell you what our Redeemer did for us.
Sure I can make you feel pity for the LORD, but may I ask, what good does that do? He does not want your pity. I can walk you through the beatings, the scourging, the spitting, beard pulling, tell you how deformed His face was, so much so that Isaiah said it was so marred He didn’t even look like a man. I am not downplaying these things at all do not get me wrong please.
My LORD went through every single one of these things and remained silent! His body was so wracked in pain, His bones all-out joint, but not one bone was broken, His back flesh tore opened probably exposing organs. So I am definitely not talking light about this at all. Just make a note on that, please.
There are two things though that are not mentioned often, well actually very rarely mentioned. Most ministers will preach on the cruelty He endured by the soldiers, the spitting, and beard pulling the scourging and other things. They preach on these things because we do need to know about them, but some sadly do it in order to bring emotions out of people.
Not all tears bring repentance, being emotional and being drawn by the Father are two different things as well. Making someone feel ashamed and the Holy Spirit convicting you of your sin is two different things as well.
I am not speaking ill of these ministers at all, that is not my intentions on why I mention this. Let me put it this way if you see something shocking for the first time it pretty much rattles you, right? Let’s say though over a period of time you repeatedly watch the same thing over, and over.
What happens after a while? Sadly you become numb to it, and it no longer has the same effect on you as it once did. Just like the movie “Passion of the Christ” many people cried throughout that movie, some even asked for forgiveness is what I had read and heard.
Yet, where are these people today? Was it a true born again experience or was it an emotional sorrow, guilt feeling and pity for Jesus that overcame them for a few days? I know people who have heard the Gospel message or watched that movie and at first, they cried but now no tears well up in their eyes anymore. Why? It is a good story or a good movie for them but not much more than that.
Oh, my friends, Jesus did so much more than endure the beatings and cruel mockings from men.
Let’s go to the Garden, shall we? to be continued….

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