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**Update** Here is a link to the playlist of all book reading podcasts. Links below may be broke. Use this one.



51tulunhpzl._sx331_bo1204203200_As we have been reading the book Kabbalah Secrets Every Christians Need to Know: An In-depth Study of the Kosher Pig, by Deanne Loper. There have been pictures that we have tried to post to our podcasts in the descriptions. Well upon further investigations they have not been available for anyone to see. So below we have a link to each broadcast as well as the pictures for each chapter that we have mentioned. We sincerely hope this is a blessing and helps with the understanding of the things that are in the works and even at the door that we will soon be facing.

Book Introduction


Chapter 1 – Book Reading

Chapter 2 – Book Reading

Chapter 3 – Book Reading



Chapter 5 – Book Reading

Chapter 6 – Book Reading

Chapter 7 – Book Reading

The Next link is an Update that we had done between chapters 7 and the first part of chapter 8. In this update, you will here definitions of the words that we go over in Chapter 8. Also, there are links to more information about what we are discussing. So make this the next in the Book Reading Series after Chapter 7.

Update or Chapter 7.5 – Book Reading

Eternity is so near



Image result for yhvh hebrew

Chapter 8 part 1 – Book Reading


Chapter 8 part 2 – Book Reading

Chapter 9 – Book Reading

 The Fullness of the Gentiles

Are you Born Again?

Chapter 10 – Book Reading

Chapter 11 – Book Reading

BDK & Wade Clark


Mr.MBB333 – Strange Sounds


strange sounds



This is the Hebrew letter Tav. There are a few pictures of how it is written and has been written.

This is the Word TRUTH in Hebrew the EMeT:




Appendix – Book Reading

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