Gunman at the Dentist & Disobeying God

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The need to share with you I feel deep within.

Most of you know that yesterday there was an incident at the U of M school in Ann Arbor. There was a report of a gunman, shots fired, and they locked down the school. I was there at the School of Dentistry for almost 8-9 hours waiting, was tired, and hungry but cheerful.

When we were told about being locked down the young male student was obviously shaken and told us if we decide to leave to please stay observant going to our car. I had no feeling of fear at all, and we decided to go ahead and leave.

Now mind you, God knew that we would be there all day, He knew we would be hungry, and He knew there would be this incident. He knows all.

So we begin to walk down the hall following the yellow dots down the hall leading us to the door we came in. We reached an area that had the yellow dots going towards the right or straight. I kept walking straight because that was the way we entered. Nikki stopped me and said I think we turn here. I said no this is the way we came in. A student said we could go down the way Nikki pointed, but I said no we can’t because we do not know what door that goes to the car and we would not know how to find the car. The student said he knew and this way was actually a little shorter. So we followed him, and it was shorter. This door leads to the same sidewalk we used to get in.

Sitting at round tables were young students, some shaken, but waiting for the clear. The young male student that told us about the gunman was there. He saw us and said, “are you guys leaving?” His voice was shaking he was scared. We said yes he said to be careful.

As I walked down the 3 steps to where the tables were with the students, very quickly and softly I heard, “sit at the table.” This was so quick, so soft I never gave it a second thought. After all, I was hungry and had been there since 8:42 a.m.

We went to the car and went home.

After getting home we found out that it was balloons popping and there was no harm So I laughed and forgot about it.

The last few days I have been praying and asking the LORD to allow me to feel His heart for the lost, to experience the love He has for them because I don’t fully understand. The prayer I felt was sincere and I truly desired this.

Fast forward to today. I get notifications of NEWS articles on my phone, so I read them. This afternoon there was an article about what happened yesterday, but it was from the eyes of a young girl who was there. She hid in the bathroom, crying, terrified and shaking. She tweeted that she was afraid and was hiding and for people to pray. It was just a few days after the shooting and the death of 50 innocent people so that was fresh in peoples minds.

Suddenly my heart broke and I was overwhelmed with the Truth. I missed my Divine appointment yesterday. How? and Why? All I had on my mind was my belly! MYSELF! I could not wait to get in the car and get something to eat! I had tunnel vision and deaf ears.

The LORD will prove us, not because He doesn’t know what we will do, but because He does. He proves us to show us where we either fall short or how we have grown.


My prayer lately is to love the lost as He does and to feel the heart of God for them. God answers prayers, just may not be the answer we desire at that moment.

God showed me something in a very gentle, and loving manner today. My desire is real but before He can fully answer my prayer, I first must “see” the lost around me to love them as He does and be able to reach out to them.

You see we were there yesterday not for a dentist appointment we were there for a Divine appointment. There were many young men and women there terrified, feeling no hope, confused, and helpless.

My friend and I have the Hope in us, and the Helper lives inside us, therefore there was no fear. I heard softly yet quickly to sit at a table. If I was intuned with the LORD as I should have been I would have heard Him loud and clear and obeyed. Nikki Clear and I could have even asked everyone if they would like to pray with us.

Even if they would have said no, they would have witnessed us praying and the light of Christ Jesus shining as well as the peace that was on our faces. That would have exalted Christ that would have glorified my Father.

Yes, it was a Divine appointment, and I missed it. God knew that I would, He is not angry at me, He still loves me, He is still preparing me. In His infinite love, He showed me, in order to love others you must put them before yourself and your own needs.

I have repented, and I have humbled myself before Him and now you, in order to show everyone the LORD, must “prove” the vessels He is preparing, in order to show us where our weaknesses are and where our strengths are. He isn’t ashamed of us or angry at our failures but He wants us to learn from them and humbly repent.

Do not allow your failures to bring guilt or shame after you have repented. Remember the Holy Spirit convicts He does not make you feel guilty there is a difference.

I am overjoyed at this lesson, I am thankful for His Mercy.

Just praying tonight and allowing the tears to flow for the lost as the Holy Spirit brought them to mind, I believe it is imperative to be aware of our surroundings and when we see people remember that Jesus died for them and if they are not born again they have no hope and we must share our hope with them, which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ which is the power of God unto salvation.

I love you all!

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