I shared this with a school mate on why I believe in Jesus Christ and God the Father. And felt the need to share it with you all as well. Believing in Jesus Christ is not as easy as some make it sound especially in the days of lukewarm Christianity and hypocrisy. Many have misrepresented the King of Glory and have brought Him down to on the level as a man rather than exalting Him as the King of Kings and the Lord of lords.

This is why I believe and know without a doubt Jesus is God.

It is ok to question His existence, He would rather you do that than say you believe yet live in hypocrisy. 🤗 I was raised in Church but that is not why I believe. It almost made me not believe because of the hypocrisy that I witnessed. So religious people nor religion is why I believe.

There were three very real instances in my life that opened the Truth to me and they were through the eyes and innocence of my children.

The first one was with my baby girl Savannah Rose, it was nap time and she insisted I lay down with her. So I did, she suddenly sat up and pointed beside the bed next to me, now mind you I did not take my children to Church or discuss God or Jesus with them at all.

She said with such excitement, “Look, mommy! It’s JESUS! Oh, He loves me so much, do you love Jesus?” I quickly told her to be quiet and go to sleep and left the room.

A couple of weeks later my daughter was run over in my driveway by a truck.

My 4-year-old son witnessed the truck literally running her over and a few days later, he asked me this, “Momma, who was that really tall man dressed in all white holding Vanna’s hand BEFORE the truck ran her over?”

I choked I wanted to die, words that I had no idea where they came from I spoke. “DJ that man you saw was Savannah’s guardian angel and he probably asked her if she was ready to go home.

She said yes and probably smiled. But it is not our time to go yet we have to stay here until our angel comes to get us. Do you understand DJ? He said yes.

Then my eldest Jessica speaks up and says, “Yes momma, and what was that bright light that came out of her chest BEFORE the truck hit her?”

I couldn’t hold back the tears now, I said that was Savannah’s spirit and the LORD Jesus let you both see this so you would know Savannah felt no pain and that she is in Heaven now with Jesus.

This is why I believe what I do. 3 very young very unlearned children opened my eyes and now I serve a Risen and living LORD Jesus Christ and it is His love, mercy, and Grace that keeps me alive.


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